mama bear and baby bear

I’m a mum, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a career gal, a yogi, a walker, a reader and a keen experimenter in the kitchen.

I was diagnosed with an allergy to gluten when I was 19, so I have a good few years under my belt experimenting with gluten free recipes and it wasn’t too much a step from there to Paleo when my husband got involved with Cross Fit.  In fact I think it made things easier and we both feel better for it.

My life has been turned upside down since the birth of my wonderful little baby bear almost a year ago.  I had no idea motherhood would be such a roller-coaster ride of incredible highs and bottomless lows, I wish I’d done it sooner.

I am so thankful for my fantastic hubby bear and my little baby bear, they make me smile, if not nearly pee myself laughing almost everyday.  My mother who is my rock and oracle of wisdom and advice (“worrying is like meditating on shit”, “all babies eat a bit of dirt, it won’t hurt”) and my sisters, there is no one better to have a bitch to!

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