Ok, so I turned 37 the other week, yep totally on the downhill slide to 40 now, how did that happen?!  I’m alright with it though, as long as people follow that confidence up with ‘oh you so don’t look it!’  I do know people probably say that because I haven’t slept in nearly 4 years (thanks kids) and they actually thought I was about 45, but I kid myself it’s because I’m still looking hot.

Anyway, my vanity aside, I realise that it’s super important now not to just avoid putting ‘bad’ stuff in/on my body, but to also to ensure that I’m putting as much good stuff in as I can.  Regardless of what food ethos you follow pretty much everyone agrees on a couple of things, greens are great and colourful veges are super, so I’m on a mission to be including greens at every meal and as many colourful veges as I can get in, so this is my new breakfast go to.


2 cubes frozen spinach

2 cubes frozen kale

½ frozen banana

2 scoops Clean Lean Protein powder in Smooth Vanilla

1 scoop Good Green Stuff

Knob of fresh turmeric

½ Cup kefir

½ Cup water

¼ Cup mixed sunflower and pumpkin seeds

2 Brazil nuts, chopped


Throw everything except the seeds and nuts the blender and blitz, blitz, blitz!  Lumps of banana are Ok, but lumps of frozen kale are a bit of a shock to the system at breakfast time.  Once it’s all gloriously glossy, green and smooth, pour out into a bowl and sprinkle the sunflower seeds and nuts on top, then tuck in, if you leave it, you will need a straw to get it out of there.


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