Paleo Picnic Chicken

picnic chicken

From where we live, if the wind is blowing in the right direction, the aroma of KFC wafts over from the restaurant a block away (if the wind is blowing in the other direction you can hear the cows from the park which is preferable, though thankfully you can’t smell the cows…).   Now there is nothing I can think of that would induce me to buy KFC, but it sure does smell good.

As I’ve mentioned we’re enjoying a stunning summer here in this part of the world and living next to a beautiful park as we do, meals not eaten as picnics are wasted opportunities.  Solution; Paleo Picnic Chicken!  I’m pretty sure that chickens aren’t constructed the way they are for the sole purpose that chicken legs make the perfect picnic comestible, but it has worked out nicely that way.

Whenever I bake chicken or pork chops I brine them before hand for at least an hour in the fridge (preferably overnight) as it really makes a difference in keeping them moist and not letting them dry out during cooking, but if you don’t want to do this step don’t worry about it.

Now it’s just Baby Bear and me at the moment as Hubby Bear is away, so quants below are adjusted down from what I’d normally cook to cover dinner and then lunch for the whole family.  This is probably the smallest amount of the seasoning I would make but feel free to scale as you feel would suit your needs.


4 chicken legs (drumstick part not thigh) with skin on and brined in enough water to completely cover them and in which you’ve dissolved a Tablespoon of salt.  Take them out of the brine and pat them dry with kitchen towels just before you season

¼ Cup of coconut flour

½ tsp of salt

1 tsp of Dijon mustard

1 tsp of paprika

½ tsp of seasame oil

Optional – 1 Tbs coconut oil for the pan


Pre heat the oven to 180 C.

Mix all ingredients baring the chicken in a wide shallow dish until completely combined.  Roll the chicken in the seasoning pressing in gently to ensure they’re all evenly and totally coated.

Add the coconut oil to the roasting dish and put into the oven to melt and for the dish to warm up.  When the dish is warm and the oil is liquid take out of the oven and place the chicken legs in ensuring you have sufficient space between them to allow even cooking.

Bake until cooked through (approx. 50 minutes), browned, crispy and delicious.

We had these with a big green salad and some parsley, mint and oregano aioli, in the park, with the cows.  Unfortunately at that distance you can smell the cows…

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