Paleo Parsley Pesto


Now hubby bear and I both loved traditional pesto back in the pre-paleo days, but basil has such a short season where we live and it hard to grow even at the best of times and then we went Paleo and parmesan went off the menu.  Pesto just seemed to fall into the far too hard basket… but then I found a recipe for Pesto in Tammy Credicott’s Make Ahead Paleo based on parsley, woohoo!  I modified it quite a bit as the bear family doesn’t do coriander (cilantro) or jalapenos and I didn’t have any macadamias, but oh my, it ticked the boxes alright!  We had it over grilled lamb chops and salad and I think this it’s going to become an absolute staple in our house now.

Since starting to write this blog I’ve become aware just how much I rely on my food processor and my stick blender, what would my great grandmother say?!  From the photos I’ve seen of her she would have gazed balefully at me and exhorted me to “roll up yon sleeves and put a bit of backbone into it lassie!”

Oh dear, I’m definitely a child of our modern era, though having said that I usually have 20 – 30 minutes from when I get home to when baby bear and hubby bear expect to have something tasty to sit down and consume, so anything I can do to help myself deliver is just plain smart I reckon 😉


½ Cup roasted cashews

1 Cup firmly packed with flat leaf parsley

2 cloves of garlic

¼ Cup of cider vinegar

¾ Cup of extra virgin, cold pressed olive oil

1 teaspoon of salt

Optional: I used an extra Tablespoon of water to thin it down, but if you like it to be thick leave it out.


Put everything into the base of your stick blender or bowl of your food processor and blitz, blitz, blitz!  Once everything is smooth, check the consistency and add the water if you feel it needs it.

Store in a glass jar in the fridge for 3 – 5 days.

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