Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

vanilla bean ice cream

Ice cream would have to be one of my favourite treats.  There’s something so nostalgic about ice cream, it reminds me of all those lovely long hot summers as a child stopping at the dairy on the way home from the beach.  And vanilla would have to be one of my favourite flavours.  I know people pooh-pooh vanilla as being boring, but I would challenge that.  Fake vanilla perhaps, it’s quite one dimensional, but real vanilla, no way.  There is a depth of flavour and aroma that seduces the senses.  I’ll take that over some fluro goody goody gumdrops nonsense any day.

I’ve been making paleo chocolate ice cream (hubby bear’s favourite) for a while now, but haven’t previously branched out into other flavours…until last weekend…  I had some vanilla pods calling to me from my pantry and the result, well, I’m sold!


1 can of coconut milk (TCC brand is my favourite)

1 rounded Tablespoon of honey

Seeds scraped out of 1 vanilla pod (don’t throw the pod away after you’ve scraped out the seeds, you can add it to other things to fragrance them.  I put mine into my container of raw cacao powder, but you could add it to your jar of sugar.)

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


Add all ingredients into a food processor or blender (I use a stick blender) and blitz till combined and smooth.  Then pour into your ice cream maker and churn as per manufacturer’s instructions.

If you don’t have an ice cream maker just pour the blended mixture into a freezer proof container and partially freeze, then take out of the freezer and blitz again in your food processor to break up.  Do this a few times to incorporate as much air as you can during the freezing process.  You might still need to take it out of the freezer to let it ripen on the bench for 10-15 mins or so before you want to use.


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