Morning Mayhem and Muddy Smoothies

I am currently perusing (read flicking through) ‘I Quit Sugar for Life’ by Sarah Wilson. Ms Wilson has the kind of shiny hair, teeth and legs I aspire to so I am looking with interest to see what nuggets she has to impart. Other than eschewing sugar, which is already part and parcel of the Paleo diet I follow, one of her edicts is to exercise in the morning. Ha, ha! Surely you jest Sarah, either that or you have no children…

my morning mayhem creator

I swear now I’ve had a baby something happens to time in the mornings. I get up just after 6 (and my memories of night feeds is still so fresh that I count 6 as a real treat) and somehow find myself an hour later still in my dressing gown (though by now usually also wearing some of baby bear’s brekkie), half an hour more and we’re out the door for work and Grandma’s. If everyone’s lucky I’m showered and properly dressed.

I remember in the old B.C. (before child) days my alarm not going off once before an early morning flight, thank goodness I woke up just in time to get myself through a shower, dressed and out to the taxi in 13 minutes flat (a personal record I am very proud of).  I have not yet attempted a flight with the bear cub, but I just know it’s probably going to take us 13 hours, not 13 minutes.

Suffice to say I don’t have time to exercise in the morning before work, or make myself a cooked breakfast which is Paleo de riguer, so I whip up one of these muddy smoothies, throw into a flask and dash out the door, hoping that my clothes are in the right way today…

I’m warning you, these aren’t pretty, but they taste OK and they get the job done J


½ banana

½ Cup frozen berries (I really like ones with strawberries in them, but you choose your fav.)

2 scoops Paleo friendly protein powder (I use nuzest Clean Lean Protein from IE Produce)

1 dessert spoon raw cacao powder

Handful of kale (I blanch, blend and freeze kale for baby bear, so I just use a handful of the frozen cubes)

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 Cup water (you could use coconut water if you wanted, or water and coconut milk)

2 Brazil nuts (very high in selenium)


Throw into the blender and blitz, blitz, blitz!  When you’ve got stuff like kale in there you want it smooth.

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