Bunless Burgers with all the Best Bits

When life throws a quandary my way I find myself thinking, what would Eloise do?  Kay Thompson’s Eloise, the eponymous 6 year old, who lives in the Plaza with Nanny, Weeny and Skipperdee, is my inspiration and she seldom steers me wrong.  What can be better than to remember to skibble lightly through life, surrounded by those you love the most and, when in doubt, order room service and “charge it, charge it, charge it!”?

eloise and weeny


Of course sometimes, life prohibits skibbling and room service is not at the end of the phone.  In these instances it’s important to make your feelings known, because no one likes a martyr and if you don’t speak up you might find people think it’s OK to do things that make you want to scream.

eloise pulling hair

At such times I find there is nothing quite so soothing as getting in the kitchen (preferably by myself) and working out my feelings of frustration creating a meal that will be a delight to devour if not plate up (sometimes the things that taste the best just aren’t pretty…).

I heart burgers a lot and, for me, giving up the bun is no biggie, because the best stuff is on the inside any way!  So this is my go to happy meal 🙂

INGREDIENTS – makes 4 adult sized burgers

500g beef mince

½ onion

1 clove garlic

1 teaspoon smooth mustard (Dijon for preference)

1 teaspoon Himalayan rock salt

1 teaspoon ground coriander

½ teaspoon paprika

1 handful mixed soft herbs, I like flat leafed parsley, oregano and basil

1 egg


Pre-heat your grill to 180C.

Throw everything in a food processor with an S blade and hit the power button!  Did I mention I also heart my kitchen appliances?  Process until well combined, basically until you can see that the texture is what you like.  I personally prefer a few chunks of onion in there, but I know not everyone does.

You could make these without a processor, you’d just have to grate your onion (squeeze it to remove excess moisture and chop your garlic and herbs very finely before combining everything well in a large bowl.

Scrape your burger mix together and either shape into patties, or what I do, is spread the mixture evenly over the bottom of the other love of my kitchen life, my cast iron Le Creuset fry-pan, pop under the grill and away we go.  You don’t want to overcook a burger as it will dry out, so do keep an eye on it.  If you’re doing patties, I’d probably do 10 mins each side, depending on how thick you’ve made them, or if you’ve gone the single giganto burger like me in a cast iron pan, you won’t need to flip as the iron will cook the bottom nicely as well, so grill for ~15 mins.  Let rest for 5 mins, then slice your giganto burger into 4 wedges.


Aioli (check out the recipe in the archive)

Carrot and beetroot slaw (recipe in the archive)


Roast kumara wedges (recipe in the archive)

Iceberg Lettuce

Tomato slices

Oh, this is the fun part and you’ll see what I mean about not necessarily being so pretty!  These are my Best Bits, amend as suits you. Basically all you need to do now is pile altogether, enjoy with your loved ones and let everything else fade into the distance 🙂

(Did you think I’d put in a photo of the burgers?  I told you they weren’t pretty!!)


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